Speaker’s Outline

I. Introduction

A. You're all familiar with the CLP, having gone through one. But now you're on the giving rather than receiving end.

B. The CLP is the initiations course leading into a life in the Holy Spirit. More specifically, it is the entry point into CFC Singles for Christ.

II. Goals of the CLP

A. The CLP is evangelism. It is proclamation of the gospel.

B. Its goal is to draw single men and women into a renewed commitment to the Lord. Through it they experience the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

C. Renewal is on three levels: the individual, the family and the church.

III. Structure and Content

A. The CLP, excluding the orientation session, is for a total of 12 weeks. It is divided into 3 months of 4 talks each.

B. Go over each of the modules, 12 talks and 2 one to one meetings describing the content and showing the flow from one to the next.
Note: See writeup on "The CLP of the CFC Singles for Christ".

C. The Lord's Day celebration at the end of CLP

1. It is an opportunity to experience the Lord's Day.
2. It is a time of fellowship and sharing.
3. announcement of groupings

IV. Dynamics

A. Format : Arrival and fellowship
Songs and prayer (describe different prayer styles per module)

B. The last three are the vital ingredients of a CLP. They are the proven formula for drawing couples to Christ.
V. Attendance

A. The CLP is open to all Christian singles (for CFC couples). They should have previously been exposed to personal evangelism.

B. Being an integrated course, with one talk building on another, participants should attend all sessions.

C. If unavoidable, absences are allowed. Not more than one in the first module. Not more than 3 overall.
Make up sessions for absences.
VI. The Team

A. The team leader, his wife (if a CFC couple), the assistant leader. Brief description of their roles.

B. Discussion leaders and assistants. They are the ones basi¬cally responsible for drawing in the participants. Will be described more in the next talk.

C. Servant and music ministry.

D. A whole household might serve the CLP. Note: See reaction IV Id in the household head's manual.
VII. Conclusion

A. We need both faith and faithfulness.

1. Faith, that we are doing God's work.
2. Faithfulness, to our own part in God's work.
3. Study and prepare.
4. Be punctual.
5. Be a person who can be counted on.
6. Be dedicated to your service.
7. Have the heart of a servant.

B. We need to be living witnesses to our new life in the Holy Spirit. The participants are looking at us. It's a big effect on them to see selfless caring, wholehearted service, unrestricted love, and brotherly interaction.

C. You too will grow and receive blessings. Expect the Lord to work powerfully in your life.
E.g. Prayer to Receive the Gift of Tongues
Ask the Lord for something!
Note : Reference material for the speaker is the CLP Team Manual.
Participant's handout "The CLP of the CFC"

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